Environmental Services

It is Environmental Advantage’s corporate goal to provide the highest quality technical services for its clients while finding practical, cost-effective solutions for compliance or liability issues that arise. EA maintains that corporate commitment to technical excellence while focusing on project details, yet does not lose sight of a client’s “bigger picture”.

Air Quality

EA has extensive knowledge and experience in dealing with air quality issues and can provide assistance in all aspects of air permitting and compliance, from preparing registration and permit applications to performing air dispersion modeling.

Waste Management

Our team not only provides facility-specific training, but can also facilitate and assist with the submittal of reports to maintain compliance with state and federal regulations, particularly for large and small quantity waste generators.

Chemical Management, Reporting & Compliance

EA understands the importance of ensuring safe, compliant storage and handling of substances utilized at facilities every day. We provide knowledge and experience in planning, bulk storage inspections, and registration to assist our clients in regulatory compliance during the manufacturing, storage, transportation, and disposal of hazardous substances and other chemicals.

Water Quality & Stormwater Management

EA provides assistance with navigating the various state and federal requirements that govern management of these waters. EA ensure our sampling efforts, various facility specific plans, reports, and permits meet the needs of our clients as well as meet the various state and federal standards.


Generating process wastewaters often comes with its own regulatory challenges, including the need to develop and employ various written plans, sampling protocols, and submitting reports. EA has successfully completed various wastewater projects including the development of necessary plans and continuously provides permitting, monitoring, and reporting assistance to ensure our clients remain compliant.

Site Assessment & Remediation

EA has years of experience conducting Phase I, Phase II, and Transaction Screen Environmental Site Assessments. Our staff conducts background research and on-site investigations to determine potential environmental liabilities on the property of interest and determines if additional in-depth investigations are necessary.

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