About Environmental Advantage

Environmental Advantage, Inc. (EA) is a Western New York-based environmental consulting firm that provides a full range of environmental, assessment, management, reporting, and compliance services.  EA is focused on providing efficient, thorough, and practical environmental solutions to our clients.  Our dedicated project managers and staff specialize in a wide variety of environmental issues so that EA is able to provide our clients with an array of environmental services.  The team at EA is driven by a strong commitment to help our clients achieve their environmental safety and compliance objectives.  EA has great working relationships with many of our dedicated clients who we have helped for numerous years and assists with a variety of both standard and unique environmental matters.  Our company mission is to deliver practical solutions tailored to our clients’ needs that meet the regulatory standards and make environmental compliance easier on our clients.  Our staff specializes in air quality, waste management, chemical management, stormwater and wastewater management, remediations, and environmental site assessments.  We believe in the importance of personable relationships and are always available by phone during working hours.


Mark Hanna is the president and founder of Environmental Advantage, Inc.  He has 35+ years of experience in environmental pollution control and health/safety management.   Mr. Hanna founded EA in 2019 to provide clients with excellent services in a wide range of environmental compliance issues. Mr. Hanna guides his team and reviews work to ensure that EA always provide the highest quality products and services to its clients.

Over the years, Mr. Hanna has worked in a wide range of environmental services, including hazardous materials/wastes management, site investigation and remediation, environmental site assessments, industrial compliance auditing, toxic chemical exposures and safety program development and implementation.  His varied skill set has allowed EA to assist clients with a breadth of environmental challenges including Chemical Management, Air Quality, Water Quality, Stormwater, Training, Facility Audits and Violation Resolution, Environmental Site Assessments (Phase I & II), Remediations, Brownfield Cleanups, and more. Mr. Hanna believes that an environmental consulting firm should be well-rounded with experts in each field to ensure that all the facilities requirements are being met in an efficient, accurate matter and prides himself on his long-term clients that have been with him since he founded his first environmental and health and safety firm, Hazard Evaluations, Inc. (HEI), in 1986.

HEI focused on environmental work, health, safety, and training and built a legacy in the environmental consulting industry in Western New York.  With the establishment of EA in 2019, Mr. Hanna wanted to shift focus specifically to environmental compliance issues, leveraging the knowledge gained over decades of experience.  Many of the staff who previously worked on environmental compliance at HEI transitioned to EA which exemplifies the expertise and years of experience within the team.

Mr. Hanna’s professional experience includes two national engineering firms focused on industrial waste management and hazardous waste site investigation and remediation.  Mr. Hanna’s educational background features dual master’s degrees from SUNY Buffalo and Pennsylvania State University.



Pete Bojczuk is a Project Manager with Environmental Advantage, Inc.  He has a Bachelor of Science from the SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry in Environmental Studies and is a Certified Environmental Specialist (CES).  Pete has over 25 years of experience in the environmental consulting industry.  During his career, he has completed over 1,000 Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs), including Phase Is and Phase IIs and has been involved in numerous site remediation projects.  He has also served as a key member of EA’s compliance team  for over the past two decades, assisting local businesses with managing environmental issues and meeting applicable regulatory requirements.  Pete’s familiarity and experience in dealing with various types of industrial facilities and in-depth knowledge of environmental regulations has allowed him to become an expert in the field of environmental compliance.  His areas of expertise include air, wastewater & stormwater permitting/compliance and general waste management.

Certifications: 40-Hour HAZWOPER, Certified Environmental Specialist



Kim Hahn is a Project Manager with Environmental Advantage, Inc.  She has a Bachelor of Science degree from the University at Buffalo in Environmental Studies with a concentration in Environmental Policy.  She has over nine years of experience with a background in a variety of environmental aspects, which adds invaluable expertise to the projects at EA.  Her responsibilities include ensuring our team remains up-to-date on ever-changing environmental regulations and that projects are completed accurately and on time.  Kim’s dedication to tracking and meeting project and report deadlines ensures that our clients receive efficient and reliable services.  Kim focuses primarily on Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA) reporting, bulk storage projects including registration management, Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasures (SPCC) comprehensive programs, and solid/hazardous waste management.  Kim’s involvement in personnel training and documentation, chemical review and reporting, and environmental compliance audits highlights her thorough approach to ensuring regulatory adherence.  She has significant experience with successfully representing client interests during regulatory agency collaboration and inspections as well as Notice of Violation (NOV) resolution and assistance.  Kim’s experience, tenacity, and adeptness in managing various facets of environmental projects ensure our team and clients remain up-to-date and compliant with rigorous environmental deadlines.

Certifications: STI/SPFA Tank Integrity Management


Shane Sawicki is a Project Manager and has been with Environmental Advantage, Inc. since 2017.  He graduated in 2014 from the University at Buffalo with a Bachelor of Science degree in geology.  Shane began his professional career as a NYS certified Project Monitor and Air Sampling Technician on asbestos consulting and remedial projects prior to joining EA.  Throughout his career, he has worked with a wide array of clients, including those managing industrial, commercial, and municipal facilities.  Shane’s specialization in industrial compliance for air and bulk storage, as well as his involvement in air emission management and compliance, provide him with a depth of knowledge in regulatory frameworks and permits, especially within New York State and federal air regulations.  Additionally, he is involved with various other compliance aspects such as stormwater, wastewater, and SPCC plans and inspections.  His range of experience allows him to provide comprehensive, practical solutions to clients that meet regulatory standards and keep the clients’ needs and interests in mind.

Certifications: 40-Hour HAZWOPER, STI/SPFA Tank Integrity Management, NYSDEC Certificate of Erosion and Sediment Control Training



Mary Szustak has over 10 years of professional experience conducting a variety of environmental projects for both private and public clients. She specializes in conducting and managing Phase II Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs), Brownfield Cleanup Program sites, and various remedial tasks, such as UST closures/removals, chemical and petroleum spill clean-up, and monitoring and reporting of contaminated air, soil, and groundwater.  Mary’s involvement across all phases of remedial projects, including her responsibilities in business management for bidding, contracting, and scheduling, signifies her comprehensive understanding of project lifecycles and regulatory compliance.  She also excels in managing third-party vendors, coordinating with EA’s environmental scientists, and facilitating communication among clients to ensure organized project coordination and management.  Mary’s experience, and ability to manage complex projects efficiently, is vital in helping clients achieve feasible, effective solutions during complex ESAs and remediation projects.

Certifications: 40-Hour HAZWOPER

Our support staff consists of the due diligence team lead, project scientists, environmental scientists, and field technicians who work seamlessly with their project managers to assist with the completion of permitting, planning, inspections, and reporting procedures.  Our support staff are all trained and certified with a 40-hour HAZWOPER to ensure maximum safety and availability for on-site projects.  We are available 7:30 am to 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday.  If you require assistance with any range of environmental projects, contact EA to speak directly to one of our staff members.

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